Funding options

Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy are services that often take a number of sessions before your family feels a significant life improvement. At Happy Chatter we want to make sure you are informed about available options for rebates and funding that might make your financial position easier.


Your private healthcare provider may offer rebates on speech pathology and OT services. Depending on who your provider is, and your level of cover, everyone’s rebate can be different. Quote the item number to your provider to find out if you are eligible for a rebate.

Speech Therapy private item number: 340, 320 (initial)

Occupational Therapy private item number: 300, 100 (initial)

Happy Chatter is unable to claim rebates onsite at this time.

Medicare – EPC/CDM

Enhanced Primary Care /
Chronic Disease Management plan

A Medicare CDM (formerly known as EPC) grants a rebate for eligible clients for 5 treatment sessions per calendar year.

Only a GP can give you this plan . To be eligible, the ‘chronic’ medical condition needs to have been present for 6 months, or show signs that it could be present for 6 months. The CDM usually requires the input of 3 medical professionals, but some GPs may write the plan in anticipation of receiving a report from a Happy Chatter practitioner.

Your GP might include this as part of a GP Management Plan (GPMP) or a Team Care Arrangement (TCA), which means that the 5 sessions can be used for sessions with an Occupational Therapist, a Psychologist and a Speech Pathologist.

Since Happy Chatter is a private practice, there is a gap payment that is funded by yourself – the rebate covers only part of the cost. Sessions must be paid in full before rebates can be claimed.

The Medicare rebate changes each year, but is usually around $50. Check the Medicare Benefits Schedule online to see the exact rebate amount.

Speech Therapy Medicare item number: 10970

Occupational Therapy Medicare item number: 10958

Medicare – HCWA

Helping Children With Autism

Medicare funding is available for children who are being diagnosed or treated for autism. The program offers a rebate for a total of 4 sessions for diagnosis, and 20 sessions for treatment. These sessions can be used to visit a range of health professionals including Speech Pathologists, until the child turns 15.

Referrals for a HCWA plan can be given by a Paediatrician or a Psychiatrist. Only one HCWA plan for diagnosis, and one for treatment, is available for any one child. That means even though more sessions might be needed, you will only receive rebates until all sessions are complete.


National Disability Insurance Scheme

NDIS funding is available for anyone under 65 years of age, who has a permanent or significant condition that affects their everyday life. It is a government scheme, and the amount of funding granted is different for everyone.

You may need evidence from health professionals to apply for NDIS funding. To apply, visit or call 180 800 110.

Once you receive approval, you can choose how your funds will be managed.

Self-Managed: You can choose to manage your funds yourself, in which case NDIS will deposit a sum into your bank account, which you then use to pay for required services.

Plan Managed: NDIS can pay the funds to an organisation who keeps track of the money, for a fee. Happy Chatter sends the invoice for your visits to your Plan Manager who pays the amount from your funds on your behalf.

NDIA Managed (cannot be used at Happy Chatter): If you are NDIA managed, your funds will only cover for services with NDIS registered practices. Although Happy Chatter can see clients funded by NDIS if plan or self-managed, we are not NDIS registered. NDIA managed clients will need to either pay out of pocket, or attend a clinic that is NDIS registered for speech pathology and occupational therapy services.