fun with friends

Group Therapy Details

  • 10-13 years old (Late primary school)
  • 5-session program
  • Thursday fortnightly at 4pm
  • 1 hour

In sessions we will share, discuss, debate and collaborate on all things games! Each week will cover a different theme: e.g. Pokémon, Minecraft, LEGO, Roblox, Mario.

  • Sessions start with a check-in
    All members can share an experience/event, item (including photographs), or a fun and interesting fact with the group!
    Members are encouraged to comment and ask each other questions.
  • We review the ‘game plan’ for the session.
    Establish game rules/expectations where necessary.
  • Members then undertake in a structured, collaborative activity (e.g. structured build) around the weekly theme.
    This is facilitated by the clinician.
  • Members undertake a less-structured activity (e.g. free build)
    Members are encouraged to be as creative as they’d like.
  • Reflections and goodbyes.
    Discussions of wins and challenges.
    The therapist will scaffold self- and peer- reflections.
    Members will add drawings to the wins and challenges/Thank You whiteboard.

Group Therapy Activities

  • Show and share/discuss
  • Collaborative builds, free builds
    This or that? friendly debates and discussions
  • Design, create and test out your own game
  • Team obstacles (e.g. Mario racecar and racetrack)
  • Team scavengers
  • Create your own Pokémon character cards and abilities