what to expect from occupational therapy
When it comes to supporting the growth and development of children, occupational therapy (OT) sessions serve as essential tools for building a strong foundation in various life skills. Innovative techniques in occupational therapy, combined with the expertise of therapists, create a dynamic environment where children grow, learn, and play. This article will outline what to expect during an occupational therapy session at Happy Chatter.

Attend a Meet & Greet session with your child

In this session, your occupational therapist will discuss your case history form that is filled out prior to the session and may ask questions to gather further information about your child’s background, behaviour, and home life.

Attend a screening session

In this session, the child will engage in range of activities to assess their current functioning in different areas such as:

a. Gross motor skills
b. Fine motor skills
c. Play and social skills
d. Academic learning
e. Executive functioning skills.

After the screening is complete, your Occupational Therapist will identify therapy goals and an initial letter will be emailed to you outlining these goals.

Attend ongoing sessions with an Occupational Therapist or Allied Health Assistant weekly or fortnightly

In these sessions a variety of activities and essential tools will be used to address your child’s goal including:

– Gross motor activities such as obstacle courses and animal walks (pretending to walk like various animals).
– Fine motor activities to develop hand strength and grasp development.
– Assisting with daily living skills including dressing, toileting, sleep, and daily routines.
– Exploring sensory preferences and regulation through innovative equipment including swings, body socks, putty, and fidgets.
– Developing social skills through turn-taking games, sharing, and social stories.
– Developing executive functioning skills including organisation, planning, time management, and problem-solving.